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Every piece of jewellery tells a story and Yasmin Hackett is in the business of telling stories with her hands.
As a child, Yasmin spent many sunny days in her grandmother’s pottery studio playing with clay and discovering the wonderful feeling of creating something out of nothing. It was there that she found a passion for working with her hands, transforming mountains of clay into shapes with meaning. A few decades later and today Yasmin’s jewellery-practice is still guided by the same childhood pursuit.
With a love for casting and working with wax, Yasmin creates individually handcrafted pieces, moulding the materials in much the same way she did the clay in her Grandmother’s studio.As such, each individual piece bears the prints of Yasmin’s hand,an intimate detail that signifies the essential signature of her work and ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike.
 Working out of Melbourne’s iconic Nicholas Building, Yasmin’s pieces evolve from a design process incorporating digital drawing, collage and watercolour and come to life using ethically sourced materials. Inspired by architecture and the world around her, Yasmin creates intricate, timeless and feminine work that is easy to wear with a story to tell.